We aren’t here to compete.  We are here to change the world.  The Q team brings decades of experience to the table. We focus on every aspect of product design, development, and production. The combination of innovative engineering, the highest quality materials, and next-gen manufacturing cuts no corners and creates the best possible products for every end user.  We want to tackle engineering challenges, fill specific niches, and build products that we are passionate about.

If you were looking for cookie cutter, you’ve come to the wrong place…

Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state, Q was built on the foundation of doing what is best for both our customers and employees.  Silencer pioneer and Q CEO, Kevin Brittingham, handpicked a world class team with combined decades of firsthand experience. They share a common goal to change the world through science, engineering, and to DO THE UNPOSSIBLE.

Kevin Brittingham, CEO